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A stripped down version of the original site, made for tablets, smart phones and desktop computers.

A flash movie I created for a follow-up to individuals I sent resumes to.

Top Reasons Flash Movie

Before GoodThing was folded into Vinny Schmid Projects, this was their flash intro to the site.

GoodThing Music Flash Intro

Backstage Rehearsal Studios provided aspiring musicians a great place to hone their craft for over 16 years. They came to me for a complete redesign of their website. Even though they have closed, the Home Page I created was entirely in flash. Make sure to move & click your mouse on everything!

Backstage Rehearsal Studios Flash Homepage
An amazing group of people assisting medical research.

Computers4acure Flash Intro

"Where Do I Go" Music Video
I took a song I wrote & recorded and put some images to accompany it in flash.

Flash Music Video

Flash Movie
A flash movie, with a song I composed, to pitch an animated movie concept based on a childrens book I wrote.

Flash Movie

Illustrations and sample chapters can be found by Clicking HERE

Flash Intro for Dick Tricky's Website. They have, however, moved on to other projects, their site falling into the great binary abyss.

Dick Tricky Flash Intro